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Director of Education

Creative Director

Alycia2012 Alycia

AngelaWeb5-2012 Angela

Aquiles_8-09 Aquiles

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Eileen_8-09 Eileen




RonnieWeb2012 Ronnie


Marketing Support


Head Nail Technician

Junior Nail Technician

currently on maternity leave

Danny O
Head Massage Therapist

 Head Esthetician


Eva-headshot-website100px Eva
Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist

Amy Everett
Director of Education

A senior stylist at Joseph Michael’s since 1998, Amy Everett became our Director of Education in July 2007.  And we could not be more honored that this Vidal Sassoon- trained artist and former Director of Education at Chicago’s illustrious Trio Salon decided to “come out of retirement” (from teaching, that is) and serve this vital role for our salon.  A highly sought after Guest Educator, Amy continues to distinguish herself as one of this industry’s leaders and one of its very best ambassadors.  Amy’s clientele has ranged from British royalty to international political leaders, from legendary actors to fashion icons or from stay at home moms to workaholic entrepreneurs…but no matter who you are, you will see and feel the distinction when you sit in her chair.  As both stylist and colorist, Amy embodies all that is great about this profession.  Rarely do you find a stylist who cares so deeply about her profession and the people whose lives she touches.  Rarer still is that genuine stylist who can also deliver an internationally-renown cut and color.   Amy’s talent and grounded temperament make her a consistent and creative stylist who is much beloved by a loyal and diverse clientele…and, might we add, that talent and temperament make her the absolute PERFECT person to serve as our Director of Education.  From her humble first steps at the exceptional Maxine’s salon to her role as Director of Education at Trio, Amy’s magical and versatile work has graced catwalks for Neiman Marcus and Marshall Field’s, appeared in nationally-televised makeovers and covered the front pages of leading industry magazines, such as Modern Salon.  While that talent could have taken her far beyond the reaches of our Gold Coast neighborhood, Amy spent these last ten years focusing upon and refining what she loves most…her daily work in the salon.  Amy draws on nearly two decades of experience and her B.A. in theater and drama from the University of Wisconsin-Madison to bring an unparalleled understanding of the psychology of image projection.  Indeed, she helps clients develop their unique personal style…makes them feel confident and attractive …and, most importantly, delivers the image her clients want to project.  We couldn’t imagine a better stylist for our young talent to emulate; indeed, we could not imagine a better person.  We have no doubt that under Amy’s direction Joseph Michael’s will produce class after class of extraordinary stylists… who are also extraordinary people.  That’s the Joseph Michael’s difference.  And that’s what makes this salon one of Chicago’s best salons.

Amy’s men’s and women’s haircuts are $125, colors start at $82 and highlights from $112.





Sally Knollenberg Noblett

Creative Director

Sally Knollenberg Noblett — whose work has appeared on stage, screen and catwalks and earned her the reputation as one of the nation’s best in the likes of Harper’s Bazaar, In Style, Self and Good Housekeeping — returned to Joseph Michael’s in July 2007 to become our Creative Director.  Working from London to the Bahamas and throughout the States, Sally is recognized as one of the industry’s leaders and is a much sought after artist.  Her career spans some 15 plus years and includes roles as a style contributor for MTV programming, music videos, Director of Education and Fashion Shows at one of the country’s elite boutique salons, and — for nearly half of those 15 years — a senior stylist at Joseph Michael’s, where she helped lay the foundation to build the best Chicago salon.  Sally’s experience has given her an understanding of the importance of image to her clients, whether they are stay-at-home moms, local celebrity news anchors or models.  She helps clients identify what works for their hair texture, facial structure and lifestyle…creating the “achievable, not theatrical,” enhancing self image and self worth, and — perhaps most importantly — empowering.  Somewhat telling, our Sally sees cutting as “what you leave, not what you take.”

Sally’s men’s and women’s haircuts are $125, color starts at $82 and highlights from $127.





Daniel2012Web    FBWebLogoforStylist_Notext
Daniel Paterno

In every business, there are always a few employees who are natural leaders, who contribute unselfishly to a business’ success and whose presence simply yields good things.  Daniel is such a person for Joseph Michael’s.  We all believe that things truly happen for a reason and that we should accept our gifts with great humility.  But we can hardly hide the grin behind our great fortune that came with a single phone call, when such a Renaissance man first suggested that we might be a good match.  The consummate Renaissance man, Daniel’s success is more than abundant.  In this industry, he is a leader.   A former creative director and educator for Maxine’s, Daniel’s styling talents can now be seen all over the country.  His quarterly trips to New York as an exclusive photo session stylist result in some of the beautiful salon hairstyle posters displayed throughout the country.  You may also have seen him and his work (and Joseph Michael’s!) on Fox’s recent “Ambush Make-over” series.  And, as if his day job isn’t enough to quench his creative genius (it apparently, and unbelievably, isn’t!), Daniel is at the helm of his own graphic design studio (yes, he also has a BFA in graphic design from the University of Illinois!)  With his boundless energy and drive, Daniel enthusiastically accepted a recent challenge to co-chair one of the largest fundraiser events for TPAN, the annual “Chicago Takes Off Burlesque” event at the Park West.  Now that’s our boy.

Daniel’s men’s and women’s haircuts are $100, colors start at $82 and highlights from $122.






Megumi Nakama

It was love at first sight when Megumi came into the salon that day and asked if we might have an opening.  Within minutes, we knew this exceptional young woman had that warm and free spirit and that genuine love of life that we seek and honor here at Joseph Michael’s.  And then we saw what she could do with highlights!  Frankly…we were blown away.  You simply do NOT see that level of maturity and skills in young stylists.  Since that day, we’ve seen this veteran since 1995 develop a confidence and further hone her skills and become an exceptional asset – not simply to our business, but to this industry.  A Bumble & bumble guru and network educator (who, as we write this, is on her way for yet another training in New York!), Megumi specializes in hair texture.  She has a Herculean gift for blow drying curly hair straight, but she is the first to encourage her clients to accept the natural texture of their hair – whether it is straight, wavy, curly or combination – and “work with it, not against” it.  Similarly, Megumi meticulously uses color and highlights to enhance and thus “work with” a cut and accent its lines.  That’s our Megumi…  You know, just as Megumi fondly remembers the day, right before high school graduation, when she walked past a salon and looked into the window and liked the future she saw for herself, we fondly remember another fateful day…when a young woman walked in front of, paused, and came in a salon called Joseph Michael’s.

Megumi's men's haircuts are $70 and women's are $85, colors start at $82 and
highlights $125.





Danny Odroniec
Head Massage Therapist

When we talk about our staff being like family, we really have no choice with Danny. He IS family…that’s right, he’s our biological baby brother. We had always been impressed by his balanced demeanor and caring nature, but we had no idea what a gift he had. . As an assistant many years ago, his shampoos and scalp massage became LEGENDARY, and we all learned that Danny had that healing touch you cannot teach. Encouraged by incessant client feedback, he saved every penny and put himself through massage school. To say Danny wowed his instructors (and us) is an understatement. A teacher once shared how happy she was for Danny that he not only has such an exceptional gift, but that he found it. We could not be more impressed…we could not be more proud. Today, Danny is a “Therapist’s Therapist.”

Since graduating from The New School for Massage, Bodywork and Healing, Danny has continued his education to master Aveda techniques in hot stone therapy, became certified in Lomi Lomi massage and is certified in many Pevonia specialized body treatments. He has become one of the most sought after therapists in Deep Tissue and Sports massage. Since Danny joined JM’s spa as a full time massage therapist in June 2004, JM’s spa has won many Citysearch Editorial and Audience awards for massage therapy- most notably being Best Healing and Best Relaxation Massage, Best Day Spa and Best Massage!  And don’t forget being named Best Chicago Day Spa by Allure Magazine, too.  Just listen to client reactions such as “One of the best massage therapists I have come across in years…” and “In an ideal world I would see Danny every week!”.

Danny combines his traditional holistic approach with contemporary ideas and techniques to deliver profound results and relaxation. Extreme kindness, sensitivity and professionalism only heighten what will prove to be one of your best massages ever. You will not want to wait to book your next appointment.





Spyros Petros
Hair Extensionist

Spyros “the second “s” is silent” Petros.  If you’ve ever been tempted to do extensions, your research probably came across this name.  Local newspapers frequently seek his expertise; Chicago’s best salons refer extension inquiries to him; and clients flock from all over the country and yes, the world, to see him.  Indeed, Spyros is Chicago’s “go to” guy for hair extensions.  Having flirted with the New York and LA hair scenes as a child superstar, Spyros landed in his hometown.  And this City’s been grateful ever since.  You see, Spyros wasn’t afraid to follow his heart, and it’s paid off big time:  professionally and personally.  Imagine our joy when his heart brought him to Joseph Michael’s.  We’ll never forget that first encounter:  Spyros rising to his feet with an outstretched hand and warmth you cannot teach.  We knew in that instant he fit the description of our Joseph Michael ideal.  Anybody will tell you that we take “heart” pretty seriously around here.  While there’s no question that we want the most talented people in the industry, we look for people who have both that talent and, most importantly, a genuine goodness.  And Spyros is the real deal.  He’s grounded and equally at home with superstars, soccer moms and salt-of-the-earth girls and boys next door.  Mom and Dad had to know they had somebody special when Spyros charmed the nursery, broke several hearts and won “the cutest baby of the month” award – all on his first day!  And, you know, he hasn’t stopped since.  We are, however, still investigating the whole “oracle foretelling his birth thing” (between us, we thought that was a bit much, but…you never know; we’re still waiting on that reference from Delphi!)

Spyros' men's haircuts are $60 and women's are $80.





Head Nail Technician

One of our all-time favorite movie concepts was “Little Buddha.”  If you are not familiar with the movie, the story follows a young Tibetan Buddhist priest, or lama, and his search for his reincarnated, much beloved teacher.  The monks narrow the search to three children located in countries around the world and ultimately realize that the teacher had returned in each child.  The little girl, full of vim and vigor and goodness beyond reproach, could very well be our own “little Buddha,” Neung – or as we love to tease her in the Polish diminutive “Neuncha.”  Neung first joined us as an assistant back at the turn of the millennium.  We immediately fell in love with her and felt that we had known her all our lives…and perhaps in a few previous.  “Exemplary” can only begin to describe her work ethic, her character and her loyalty and devotion.  We believe in “karma” here and are humbled that something we may have done in the past brought such a gift to us.  Imagine our joy when Neung told us she was interested in pursuing a career in the beauty industry and that she wanted to remain here with us.  We have watched her study and learn with a passion found only in those who appreciate and devour life’s opportunities; we’ve seen her meticulously hone her skills as a nail technician; and for years, we’ve witnessed the nurturing she brings to each of us and our clients.  How fortunate to dream together and to journey side by side.  Somewhere, we have no doubt, Siddhartha must be smiling.





Vesna Kozomora

With twenty-seven years experience, enviable talent and a heart that knows no boundaries, Vesna embodies all that is great about this business and represents an ideal employee.  We first met Vesna years ago when she apprenticed here at Joseph Michael’s for one of Chicago’s leading stylists.  It didn’t take long to learn how very special this person is:  we stood by amazed at her dedication to this industry and the perfection of her craft – all pursued with such humility and modesty in an industry infamous for self-importance and attitude.  We were thrilled beyond belief when Vesna rejoined the Joseph Michael’s family in 200 are proud to have her represent the elite of Joseph Michael’s styling team as a Senior Stylist.

 A former salon owner in her native Yugoslavia and a certified colorist and Aveda educator here in the U.S., Vesna approaches each client with meticulousness and a sense of responsibility that have created raving fans throughout Chicago.  Her talent has also brought her to fame after a Before & After Make-over special on ABC 7 News.  Most recently, Vesna was named a Top Chicago Stylist and given the title “Queen of Micro-Highlighting” by Chicago Avenue Magazine for April 2012!  If indeed you are one of the lucky ones to fall into her care, you will also undoubtedly fall in love with her, her talent and her renowned client service.  You will soon know that same pride and doting Vesna perfects as a mother of two exceptionally gifted – and might we add very lucky – children.  So, whether you may have talked to Vesna at her son’s hockey game, cheered alongside her at her daughter’s figure skating competition or assisted her in some academic adventure or fund-raising event, you’re missing out if you’ve not seen Vesna in action in the salon setting.  There are few sure things in this world, but one thing is “for sure:” if Vesna is in your life, you know an extraordinarily devoted hair stylist… and a friend about whom people (and yes, employers) will write.

Vesna’s men’s haircuts are $60 and women’s are $85, colors start at $82 and highlights from $120.






Margaret Odroniec
Head Esthetician

As corny as it sounds, we like to consider ourselves a “family.”  We all gag at the notion, but, when we really think about it, that’s what we are.  We spend more waking hours with our co-workers than we do with most of our relatives…more even than with our spouses, significant others, and life partners.  So, whether we like it or not, our co-workers experience -- and are -- a huge part of our lives.  How fortunate we are then to spend such a significant chunk of our lives with people like Margaret.  Margaret happens to be our sister (in-law); she’s the wife of Paul’s brother and our famous massage therapist Danny.  We have no doubt, however, that she plays that role with all of us.  She is there for us, genuinely interested and passionate about this business.  Her talent as an esthetician is well advanced beyond that of your typical apprentice.  She first developed her skills in Europe and ultimately refined them here in the States, with Pevonia and as an apprentice with Joseph Michael’s.  But, as we’ve seen countless (too many) times in this industry, the finest technical skills are simply tools and are worthless if there is no heart.  Margaret bridges both her personal and professional lives with a simple desire:  to help people feel better about themselves.  We often tease Margaret and Danny about working together, but you know what?  They thrive in an environment where the same love and passion that fuels their successful marriage also fuels their successful careers.  We have no doubt that you will immediately sense that Margaret is indeed a fellow traveler…and more than that, a welcome sister…with skills…and heart.





Stacie Lynch

After the world’s longest interview (about 4 hours after all was told), we somehow convinced Stacie that Joseph Michael’s was the only salon she should even consider.  Luckily, she agreed!  Not only is Stacie one of the sweetest, most sincere people you’ll ever meet- the girl’s got talent!  Luckily, for us (and you) this die-hard Steelers fan took the leap to leave Pittsburgh where she grew up to “experience new things and different cultures”.  And has she ever!  After leaving her first salon of 3 years in Pittsburgh, Stacie worked exclusively with Nicole Miller as a Bridal Specialist in Virginia and New York before making a name for herself at the award-winning Salon Daniel in Virginia.  At Salon Daniel, Stacie not only had the opportunity to work on politicians, Ambassadors and government officials (she was even requested by the Princess of Arabia!), she was also recruited to do events at both Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue and did hair and make-up for photo shoots in and around Washington DC.   With so much already under her belt you would think she was, well…tired.  Not our Stacie!  Before making Chicago her new home, Stacie decided to take advantage of the opportunity to attend an intense 8-week cutting and coloring class at Vidal Sassoon in Santa Monica, CA.  When she finally made it to Chicago and we had the opportunity to meet and experience Stacie’s talent first-hand and realize she is something special.  Her talents extend beyond creating fabulous hair to makeup, and even airbrush makeup, as well as working as an intern in our Marketing Department.  Starting in our crazy industry at age 15 as a receptionist, Stacie knew she loved being in the salon and started her own career as a Stylist in 2001.  Stacie loves Chicago ‘for the amazingly genuine people and of course, the food.  One of my favorite things is to try new and different kinds of food…I came to the perfect city!”  We have no doubt that you will fall in love with Stacie just as we did.  Not only will you walk out our doors looking amazing, you’ll feel it too.

Stacie’s men’s haircuts are $55 and women’s are $75, colors start at $77 and highlights from $112.





Edwin Torres

Few people have impressed us as deeply as Edwin within the first 30 seconds of meeting.  There is an energy and confidence about him that immediately speaks of his character.  You just get that gut feeling that this is a person who is honest, kind, intelligent and talented.  After receiving his Bachelor’s degree at Columbia College with a focus on Fashion and Graphic Design, Edwin quickly channeled his eye for beauty and passion for design to hair.  So not only will you have beautiful hair after your visit with Edwin, you may also come out with a few fashion tips, too.  After graduating from Pivot Point International Academy, Edwin joined our 2008 Apprentice Program and spent the next 10 months perfecting his skills, learning the true ins-and-outs of our crazy industry and soaking up every bit of wisdom offered up by our Director of Education, Amy.  Your first visit with Edwin will introduce you to the character we were so impressed with and the attention to detailed perfection that we have learned to expect from every haircut and color he creates.

Edwin’s men’s haircuts are $48 and women’s are $60, colors start at $67 and highlights from $95.





Aquiles Molina

After a full year of ‘wooing’ (and maybe some begging), we could not have been more excited when Aquiles joined the Joseph Michael’s family.  When we first learned that he would be closing his esteemed Gold Coast salon Molina Molina after 15 years to focus more on his true passions, his family and his art, we saw our chance to claim yet another true Chicago talent.  It is a combination of his remarkable resume along with his passion, talent and truly one o the kindest spirits you may ever meet that make Aquiles an intricate part of the already award-winning Joseph Michael’s stylist team.

Born in Santiago, Chile and with over 30 years experience as a stylist and salon owner; Aquiles resume reads like a Who’s Who in our industry.  Aquiles credits include 4 years as Creative Artist and trainer for Gembly International and as a sought after educator in Atlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis, Milwaukee and Chicago.  His work has been featured in Modern Salon and Vogue magazine and in-house on the runway with Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Marshall Fields and most recently with the Joseph Michael’s team at this years Macy’s Glamorama fashion show.  Even with all of his editorial and fashion work, Aquiles true love is being right here in the salon.  He loves all facets of hair, but if made to narrow down his specialties he truly shines with thick hair (long and short), coloring and color corrections and has a true gift with relaxing and straightening treatments.  Okay, okay…he loves it all!  And believe us; he excels in it all, too!

While Aquiles first and foremost love is, and will always be his family with fellow hairstylist Mary and their two beautiful boys, it is his second love, hair, which made him such an incredible catch!  We are honored to finally be able to welcome Aquiles to the Joseph Michael’s family and introduce him to you.  With his resume, his heart, his humor and his talent we know that you will be as impressed and taken with him as we are!

Aquile’s men’s haircuts are $60 and women’s are $100, colors start at $82 and highlights from $130.





Eileen Foslund

The minute you meet Eileen, you will have no doubt about her passion and love for everything hair.  It simply oozes out of everything she does.  We know this has something to do with the fact that Eileen has known she wanted to be a hairstylist since she was 7 years old!  She wasn’t exactly 7 when she started her career, but she did seek out the best salon in her area before she even graduated high school.  It was at this salon in the suburbs, the award-winning Zazu Salon and Day Spa, that Eileen perfected her craft during her 1 year internship and then stayed on as a stylist for another 5 years before coming to Chicago.  Eileen enjoys all aspects of our industry and has worked outside the salon to style for fashion shows Another Level, Akira, Havilan Boutique and has competed in the annual touring event Hair Wars.  She has continued to hone her skills with advanced training with Goldwell, Redken and high dimension Kia Color.  Eileen craves the creativity of both cut and color and truly loves the quality time and interaction she gets with each client.

On her own time Eileen loves everything ‘sport’, from playing in her volleyball league to Fantasy Football.  She’s also a nutrition junkie and is known to make a killer smoothie!  We are sure this helps her on the runway!  Oh- did we mention Eileen is also a model??  You may be just as likely to catch her in print or on the runway working with Elite Modeling Agency here in Chicago as you are in the salon.  Although Eileen grew up and started her career in the suburbs, now that she has been in the city for a while she has no intentions of ever leaving!  That works just great for us, because we have a feeling that Eileen will be a part of our family for many years to come.

Eileen’s men’s haircuts are $48 and women’s are $65, colors start at $72 and highlights from $105.





Ronnie Brooks

If you like a little extra style in your ‘stylist’, you must meet Ronnie.  We have known him for a while and always secretly wished he would finally come to his senses and join the Joseph Michael’s family.  And as fate would have it, that is exactly what happened.  Originally from South Bend, Indiana, Ronnie spent time in Minneapolis before making Chicago his home 15 years ago.  A makeup artist and eyebrow specialist for several years, Ronnie can tell you that doing makeup for the Jenny Jones was probably some of his most ‘entertaining’ work.  He should be most proud, however of being named “Eyebrow King of Chicago’ by Metromix.  It was over 5 years ago that Ronnie broadened his horizons and attended the Aveda Institute here in Chicago.  Since then he has worked with some of the most exclusive salons in the city.  Since being with Joseph Michael’s, Ronnie has worked the Macy’s stage twice for their annual fashion extravaganza, Glamorama, and was most recently featured for his beautiful work with make-up and brows for Jettison Magazine in May 2012.  When a stylist tells us during his interview that he just “wants to make people feel good”, we know his heart along with his talent are going to fit right in here at Joseph Michael’s. 

When not making people feel good at work, Ronnie loves biking and being with friends.  But he’ll be the first to tell you he would rather hang out with his 6-pound Chihuahua, Tang most of all.  Those at Joseph Michael’s that didn’t know Ronnie before he volunteered at our Haircuts for Haiti benefit in January quickly began asking “why doesn’t his guy work here?”   After that it all fell into place and we are thrilled to give Ronnie a new home here at Joseph Michael’s.  And we have no doubt you will fall under his charm as well, and get a great cut and color out of it, too!

Ronnie’s men’s haircuts are $55 and women’s are $75, colors start at $77 and highlights from $120.






It was a great day when we heard from Jon-David that he was ready to ‘come home’ and resume his 15-year career with Joseph Michael’s.  There isn’t much we can tell you about “JD” as a stylist that would do as much justice as what his own clients have already said about him on Citysearch, Yelp and Metromix with reviews like….” JD is absolutely the best of the best! I have seen all of the top colorists in Chicago, and no one can touch JD's work. I have referred in over a dozen friends and they all love JD as much as we do!” from Citysearch and “JD is a rock star w/ hair!...JD listens to EXACTLY what you want, and is always able to create exactly what you want.” from Yelp. 

Not only is Jon-David a master stylist and one of the top colorists in Chicago, he is also an author, a blogger, an activist and a ‘brand’.  An accomplished writer, JD has finished two novels, sold a screen play and had a hit play produced in Chicago.  JD is without a doubt the ‘man about Chi-town!  His Mafia Hairdresser brand supports local and national green causes, fellow stylists, animal rights and human interests (in 2009 he repelled off the Witt Hotel to support a cure for cancer).  To follow anything this amazing hairdresser writes about (that’s you, Chicago!), go to his website mafiahairdresser.com or follow him on twitter @mafiahairdreser. And to follow JD as the master stylist he is, just come visit him at Joseph Michael’s!

jon-david’s men’s haircuts are $55 and women’s are $100, colors start at $77 and highlights from $150.





Nicole Ciesla

Nicole is certainly one of those gems you find once in a blue moon.  As a person as well as a technician, Nicole exemplifies all those rare qualities such as sincerity, kindness, compassion and humor that we all relate to and admire.  It is easy to see how her considerable experience in many aspects of the beauty industry has helped her hone these skills along the way.  From Color Assistant to Spa Manager, Nicole learned the ins and outs of the business and found her true passion in skin care.  Although she specializes in speed and full body waxing, Nicole also loves the challenges of problematic skin conditions and is certified in Microdermabrasion, Dr. Schrammek’s Green Peel, the Micro-current facial and Epicuren.   Nicole has received advanced education and specialty certifications not only here in Chicago, but from the Dermal Institute in Boston as well as the famous Skin Expo in New York City.  Most recently, Nicole wrote and article for the Northampton Gazette on Spring Skin Care and Make-up Trends.

Besides being technically proficient (and then some!), Nicole is one of those exceptional human beings we treasure here at Joseph Michael’s.  In her quest to make herself and the world around her a better place, Nicole volunteers at the Lakeview Food Pantry and with the Chicago Books for Women in Prison collective.  Not only that, but because of her amazing example Joseph Michael’s has also become regular supporters with Book Drives, Coat Drives and volunteering.  She’s also done walks for breast cancer and Children’s Memorial, organized a relief caravan for hurricane Katrina victims and their pets and helped Joseph Michael’s organize our first cut-a-thon, Haircuts for Haiti.  From 2010 to 2011, as she served as Spa Manager for the award-winning Salon Herdis in Massachusetts, Nicole also donated her talents as make-up artist for the Fashion Not Flowers fashion show benefitting Protect Massachusetts Children and also worked for the U-Mass Opera.

You just have to trust us when we tell you how life altering it can be to become a part of Nicole’s world.  It is no lie that kindness begets kindness- we have proof!  You’ll discover when you meet her and step into her room that she is not only funny and sweet but will pamper and pretty you till your heart’s content!





Lisa Yu
currently on maternity leave

Lisa is one of those special people that you run across too rarely in life.  She is talented, trustworthy, dedicated, sincere and smart.  Before attending Cosmetology School at Steven Pappa George Hair Academy, Lisa graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a degree in Finance.  While in Cosmetology School, Lisa worked as a Shampoo Assistant with us and quickly became the favorite of stylists and clients alike.  Her confident touch and out-of-this-world massage skills have served her well as she starts her new career as a member of our award-winning Nail Department.   Some might wonder why a Finance graduate decides to pursue Cosmetology.  While Lisa enjoys working with numbers, she loves “beauty” more.   With a goal of owning her own salon someday, she’s got the perfect combination of business and beauty already built in. 
Lisa loves doing nails because she gets to “bring out the beauty in our most useful body part.”  Her other interests range from books to movies and music and working out and she has a life-long goal to travel as much of the world as she can, experiencing and seeing all the wonderful beauty in the people and cultures that populate the world.  For Lisa, “The artistry behind nails has told a story since the beginning of time, and I just hope I can carry that legacy in providing an extension of expression for those who wish to accentuate their inner beauty through the tips of their gorgeous fingers.”

Enjoy 50% OFF your first natural manicure, Shellac manicure
or pedicure with Lisa!





Alycia Massei

We did it!  Somehow, we found (yet another) talented, passionate, confident, sweet stylist to join our award-winning team.  Alycia is one of those rare finds that you just pinch yourself for getting to know and work with.  An original “California Girl”, Alycia discovered her love for hair while taking make-up classes in Los Angeles.  From there it was an easy trip to Cosmetology school and then several years working on the west coast, including the exclusive community of Laguna Beach, before setting her sights on Chicago.  In fact, the first time she ever visited Chicago, she told her mom, “I would LOVE to live here!”  Maybe she knew it would really happen someday, maybe she didn’t.  We’re just glad it did!
Even though Alycia had over 3 years’ experience when she arrived in Chicago, she was excited to enter our Apprentice Program, knowing it was the best way to secure her position as a top Chicago stylist with a bright future!  Alycia’s hair philosophy is simple, “I want to be honest, but not pushy.  Ultimately, it has to make my client happy, because they are the ones who are going to be looking at it every day.”   Her favorite thing about doing hair is the instant gratification, saying, “I can make someone look completely different in a couple of hours.  I have the power to make someone look and feel beautiful, and that is amazing.”  Alycia has other loves, like shoes…and shoes and shoes.  She also has a fantastic sense of humor and addicting laugh and is your go-to person for great music and the best movies.  Even though Alycia is extremely close with her family in California, she’ll be the first one to tell you she’s a true Chicagoan at heart!  When asked if she misses California, she simply says, “Nah, I just miss my people there.”  Meet Alycia and experience the stylist that Joseph Michael’s Director of Education, Amy Everett, describes as “an amazing colorist!”

Alycia’s men’s haircuts are $45, and women’s are $57.  Colors start at $67 and highlights from $90.






Angela Petersen

We are excited to introduce our newest styling talent, Angela.  She was personally referred to us by our contacts at Schwarzkopf Professional Color and from the way they spoke so highly of her, we knew had to meet her!  We soon learned why such a respected leader in our industry would sing her praises.  Angela has impressed us from day one with her passion for her work and her professionalism as a successful and sought-after stylist in Chicago.  Angela started her career assisting the owner of Chicago’s Salon Duo and proceeded to spend the next 11 years there cultivating her skills and focusing on building her own loyal clientele.  Obviously not one to flit from salon to salon on a whim, Angela took much care when deciding that she was ready to spread her wings and experience a new environment, still maintaining her innate sense of professionalism and client care, of course! 

While she excels in both cut and color, Angela has a true love for long hair, with an emphasis on highlights and color that enhance her special long-layering technique.  And, as Angela will tell you herself, “I deliver when it’s time for an evening blowout that has to be perfect!”  (This must be why she has made a name for herself with clients like Roger Daltry of The Who.) Angela’s goal is simple — to provide great service while making sure every client looks and feels good!  She is excited to start building a strong foundation at Joseph Michael’s; and we are too!

When she’s not in the salon creating beauty, Angela loves to get out and mingle!  She is well-connected within Chicago’s social media scene and you may just see her networking and having fun the next time you are out.  We are thrilled to welcome Angela to our team and cannot wait for you to meet her and experience her talent and charm!

Angela’s men’s haircuts are $48 and women’s are $65, colors start at $75 and highlights from $105.






Eva was born to be a Massage Therapist!  From her gentle, nurturing personality to her skillful hands and intuitive nature, Eva provides a massage experience uniquely tailored to you and your one-of-a-kind needs.  Eva’s sessions incorporate complementary therapy for healing through vital energy.  She is a 2007 Attunementee to 1st Degree Reiki Usui and 2nd Degree Usui Shiki Ryoho.  As a graduate from The New School for Massage Bodywork & Healing, Eva adopted the philosophy of renowned medical massage therapist, Chuck Lafrano, that “there are two types of massage: effective and ineffective.”   Eva’s diverse education expands well beyond traditional massage to create completely customized sessions that consist of an integration of relaxing Swedish, restoring Clinical, pain relieving Deep Tissue and calming Hot Stone modalities, when appropriate.  Eva understands that in order to function well, the body must be stable, and the stability must be resilient. 

Eva is also a graduate from National – Louis University and holds a B.A. degree in Business Administration with a concentration in International Business.  However, most of her hobbies and interests mirror her work in the spa industry more than in the business world.  She enjoys walking meditation that addresses mind, body and spirit, she loves unique chocolates from around the world and raw food dishes and she loves traveling and bonding with nature.  Eva’s unique combination of eastern and western techniques along with her innate passion for balance and strength through healing energy make her an accomplished, sought-after and effective massage therapist and the perfect addition to our award-winning team.  Eva will be with us on Saturdays for your pampering pleasure!





Char Panico Muffitt

We are truly blessed to have such a Chicago icon in the beauty industry joining us at Joseph Michael’s.  Char (Panico) Muffitt has been a sought after Color Specialist on the platform stage, in the salon and behind the scenes for over 20 years.  Her work has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show (Oprah’s Time-Warp Makeovers”), in fashion magazines, professional photo collections and many industry publications and videos.  As a Senior Color and Perm Technician with Vidal Sassoon in Chicago, Char participated in platform seminars and fashion shows as well as supervised and instructed the apprentices.  Char also served as a Senior Makeover Consultant with nationally renowned Image Consultant Paul Glick and was an integral part of his Image Consulting Team.  More recently, Char served as the Director of Chemical Education for the Heidi’s national chain of salons where she created and conducted Education in Motion seminars for hairstylists nationwide.

Soon enough, we will all be quoting her book (yes, she’s an author, too!) Your No-Nonsense Guide to Salon & Spa Services: What You Should Know Before You Go.  The title alone tells you how important her client’s experience is.  From the best techniques and latest technologies to the pampering service and attention she provides, there is no question why Char won “Best of Chicago” in customer service by Mademoiselle magazine!  From the first time we sat down to get to know Char, we were impressed with not only her knowledge and obvious passion for this great industry, but also by her warmth, kindness and sincere desire to do her absolute best for every client that is lucky enough to sit in her chair.  You will never receive a run-of-the-mill color with Char.  Rarely does she paint one color on her canvas, instead blending different levels and tones with her free-hand techniques for a truly customized, one-of-a-kind color for each client.  From your in-depth consultation to the time you walk out the door, you will know you have been in Char’s chair.  Char is a master of color, highlights, corrective color, Balayage, smoothing and texture treatments.  We are over-joyed to have her join the Joseph Michael’s family and can’t wait for you to meet her and fall in love with her, and how beautiful she will make you, too! 

Char’s colors start at $85 and highlights from $130.
*Char begins as a Color Specialist at Joseph Michael’s on Tuesday, October 2nd.





Candice Lefler

Candice is an extraordinary Massage Therapist with a true passion and gift that makes her a natural fit in our award-winning Massage department.  With a Bachelors in Movement Science from The University of Michigan School of Kinesiology and as a graduate from the Everest Institute of Massage Therapy, Candice is an extremely intuitive and highly skilled Massage Therapist.  And, it was obvious from our first meeting that Candice is more than just a Massage Therapist.  As a true student of her craft, Candice has several advanced certifications.   She is certified in the Bellanina Facelift Massage and finished her certification in Clinical Oncology Massage at Beaumont Hospital in 2012.  While being such a well-rounded Massage Therapist that will pamper you with a relaxing Swedish massage, provide therapy with a Sports or Clinical massage or soothe you with a Pre- or Post-Natal massage, Candice specializes in Deep Tissue with Trigger Point Therapy, Clinical Oncology Massage, Facelift Massage and Hot Stone Therapy.  Candice believes that massage is a great way to find a peace and calm that tends to get lost during our hectic and stressful days (and we agree!)  She customizes each massage and draws from her large repertoire of skills to adapt your massage to fit you as an individual with individual needs.

It’s not surprising that Candice was drawn to massage and its healing nature.  Outside of the spa she is an enthusiast of different types of yoga, especially Bikram, as a way to relax her mind and focus on positive energy.  Candice has also been active with several charities, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation as well as MedSport through UM Hospital.  Candice is far beyond your typical Massage Therapist and her passion and compassion set her apart even further.  We can’t wait for you to experience her magic hands and her healing and kind heart.





Diana Cruz
Junior Nail Technician

Diana is passionate!  She’s passionate about her new career, about her family, about her love of the arts and about her dog.  It takes a lot of courage to leave a 10-year career in the non-profit world and go to school to learn the craft you have enjoyed and wanted to do since you were a kid.  Diana did just that!  With her bachelors in Communications from Loyola University and after a fulfilling 10 years with the Illinois Action for Children as a Parent Consultant, Diana enrolled in Roza’s School of Nail Technology and began her new journey.   She is now the newest member of our award-winning Nail Department and we are thrilled to have her.  Her kind spirit and nurturing personality, along with her love for her new-found career, make her a tremendous addition to our staff and someone we look forward to working with for the next decade, or so.

Diana and her husband both love the theater and have been active in the Chicago Off-Broadway community for a long time.  Most recently, Diana acted with the Viola Bella Ensemble in the Brown Girls Chronicles with four sold out shows at the Chicago Center for Performing Arts.   And as an author, her published work in the Journal of Ordinary Thought is anything but.  When she’s not traveling to Italy, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela or Mexico (so far…) Diana spends most of her time with her close family and her faithful dog.  She is a Godmother and loyal and compassionate friend.  We encourage you to meet Diana and see for yourself the difference between someone who is just good at what they do and someone who truly enjoys and appreciates every minute they get to do what they love!