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Prices effective
October 14, 2008

All prices subject
to change
without further notice.




Director of Education haircut   125

Creative Director haircut  

Women’s Cut & Style   60 – 88

Men’s Cut & Style  45 – 88

Blow Dry Style  45 – 70

Single Process Color
special color designs   prices vary

Highlights  100+
special highlight designs   prices vary

Perm    100+

Updo Style  85+

Relaxer 80+

Deep Conditioning 15+

Rene Furterer Hair & Scalp Treatments 40 – 65

Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment  380+

 Consultations  Complimentary



 Consultations  Complimentary



Manicure  23

French Manicure  28

Pedicure  50

French Pedicure  55

Spa Manicure 30

Spa Pedicure  68

Hand Paraffin Treatment add 8

Foot Paraffin Treatment add 15

No Chip Manicure  |  1 hour   45

No Chip Pedicure | 75 minutes   65

French add 5



Eyebrow 20

Eyebrow Tweeze 20+

Lip 15

Eyebrow/Lip  35

Chin 15

Sides 15

Underarm 25

Half Arm  40

Full Arm 55

Bikini  40+

Bikini Plus 50+

Brazilian  70+

Men’s Brazilian  90+

Thigh  50+

Thigh/Bikini  90+

Lower Leg 45

Full Leg 75

Full Leg/Bikini  115+

Chest/Back 60+


Eyelash Tint 30

Eyebrow Tint 30

Eyelash Perm  80

Eyelash Extensions
300 - 350
Full  100


Joseph Michael’s Salon and Spa now exclusively offers...


Herbal Green Peel

Enjoy an unbelievable difference in your “new” younger, fresher-looking skin after this incredible peel

Dr. Schrammek’s Herbal Green Peel is a medically developed, biologically based skin regeneration peel using exclusively pure natural ingredients. The Green Peel uses intense exfoliation to loosen and eliminate the upper layers of clogged and dull-looking skin, improve circulation and increase your body’s collagen production.  Any skin condition- from hyper-pigmentation or fine lines and wrinkles to acne- will benefit from this miraculous Green Peel.

Included in the pricing of the Green Peel is a 30 minute Follow-Up Treatment 5 days post-peel.

*Complimentary consultation prior to booking is required

75 minutes  $400

Series of 3 Peels  $350

Dr. Schrammek’s Super Beauty Treatment

“Our Fountain of Youth” 

Dr. Schrammek’s Super Beauty Treatment uses the Green Peel herbs and the Follow-Up Treatments revitalizing masks for an all-in-one therapeutic facial.  The Super Beauty Treatment exfoliates, regenerates, tightens and re-activates dull and dehydrated skin.  A great introduction to the Herbal Green Peel, the Super Beauty Treatment gives you immediate results.
1 hr $125


JM’s Botanical European Facial
A delightful escape for every skin type.  This facial begins with a detailed analysis of your skin.  Thorough cleansing, massage and a perfect mask complete the treatment and leave your skin radiant and healthy-looking.  Great for those who are new to the facial experience

JM’s Botanical European Plus Facial for Mature Skin
This facial builds on the benefits of our classic European facial.  With specially formulated collagen and retinol treatments for your lip and eye areas, this experience leaves your skin hydrated, smooth and younger-looking.

Joseph Michael’s Signature Micro-Current Facial
Learn the secret of the savvy celebrity
“A non-surgical face-lift, as seen on Oprah”

Our Signature Micro-Current Facial uses low level micro-current frequencies similar to the natural vibrations produced by our own cells to infuse microscopic droplets of oxygen into the tissue, increasing cell performance while oxygenating and toning the skin. 
Enjoy immediate results as fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed away, giving the contour of the face a visible lift.
75 minutes 200

The Epicuren “Red Carpet” Facial
“Epicuren…Hollywood’s clean little secret” —Harper’s Bazaar
The Epicuren Facial dramatically improves your skin’s elasticity and firmness while stimulating skin cells with increased flow of oxygen and nutrients. Maintain your skin’s youth and vitality with diminished wrinkles and a complexion that glows with the cleaner, healthier radiance of more youthful skin. 
75-minute   150

for Men only Facial
Men’s Fitness Facial.  “Gentlemen prefer Pevonia.”  This complete fitness facial  focuses on cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating the skin.  Our specially trained esthetician will analyze your skin and target problems such as sun exposure, razor burn, sensitivity and in-grown hairs.  The legendary quality of a Pevonia facial…designed exclusively “for him.”

Back Facial


The most progressive treatments in the world
featuring Pevonia Botanica’s unsurpassed technology.  You will experience a treatment that is featured at many of the top destination spas in the world — The Bellagio and Mandalay Bay hotels in Las Vegas, The Phonecian in Scottsdale, Arizona, Le Mirador in Switzerland, The Versace Spa in Australia. These luxurious treatments will leave your skin with truly visible results.

Plantomer Lift-Off Mask
“Uncover the Secret of Beautiful Skin”
Experience the best from nature’s abundance:  a unique combination of Laminaria digitata from the depths of Brittany’s Sea; and Propolis from the renowned Jura Mountains in France.  This cool, gentle mask treatment soothes, heals, strengthens and deeply hydrates, leaving skin tight, refreshed, vital and healthy with an exceptional glow.

Rosacea Mask
“The Radical Answer for Sensitive Skin”
Finally....a solution to this serious skin care condition!  This treatment brings visual relief and results to dilated capillaries, congestion, blotchiness and irritability, by delivering highly comforting and healing ingredients such as Green Tea, Chamomile and Licorice.  Skin surfaces fully decongested, soothed and hydrated.

Anti-Free Radicals Lift-Off Mask
“Nature’s Answer to Ultimate Repair”
Enjoy this unique mask, delightfully scented with Lavender.  It gradually becomes soothingly warm, and then cools to a refreshing chill.  This change of temperature serves to increase the absorbency of all active ingredients, while Micronized Vitamins work as anti-free radicals.  This mask provides the skin a tighter, more radiant and rejuvenated appearance.

Luminous “C” & “Sea” Lift-Off Mask
“A Vitamin Supplement for a Radiant Skin”
Imagine moonlight on a calm sea:  smooth, bright and glowing...you have captured the incredible results of this mask.  Blending a potent concentration of stabilized Vitamin C with the latest high-tech formulation of pure, Freeze-Dried Seaweed, this mask reduces fine lines, strengthens skin’s elasticity, counteracts photo-aging, and restores a youthful appearance, rendering skin luminous.

Collagen Lifting Treatment
“A Secret Weapon for Maturing Skin”
The purest form of collagen is freeze-dried and that is what your skin will drink up.  An active vial of 100% collagen will help fight premature aging and wrinkles.  This high-performance treatment is a cornerstone of Pevonia in providing the latest in skin care technology.

Floracide treatment
Hibiscus flower and glycolic acid create the truly unique blend to help skin achieve glowing results.  For best results a series of six peels should be performed.

Plantomer Lift-Off Mask

Rosacea Mask

Anti-Free Radicals Lift-Off Mask

Luminous “C” & “Sea” Lift-Off Mask

Collagen Lifting Treatment

35 with facial, or
95 each as separate treatment
(series of 6 for $500)

Floracide Treatment
35 with facial, or
60 each as separate treatment
(series of 6 for 300)


Gentle skin resurfacing for face, neck, décolleté. 
145 / 160 / 195

Pure Collagen Mask Add-on

series of 6  750 / 840 / 1050


Body Salt Glow
Glow is the keyword for this deep cleansing exfoliating treatment.  Feel stress melt away as your skin is gently massaged using a blend of aromatic sea salts, mineral salts and essential oils to remove impurities, dead skin cells and stimulate circulation.  Your skin surfaces smooth, healthy and radiant.

Detox Thalasso Wrap
A true gift from the sea all the way from Brittany, this seaweed wrap is soothing and smoothening.  Relax and luxuriate in steady warmth while your skin detoxifies and absorbs intense benefits from the rich array of minerals, micronized vitamins and enzymes naturally abundant in this French seaweed.


Deliberate, long, smooth strokes relieve muscle tension, enhance range of motion, and increase circulation and lymphatic flow.  Your body escapes into deep-breathing and a warm, balanced state of wellness and awareness.
30-minute  65
60-minute  95
90-minute  125

Deep Tissue/Therapeutic
Warm, steady, penetrating techniques stretch and strengthen the muscle.  As toxins flush from the soft tissue and pain subsides, your body embraces its renewed circulation and healing power and your mind welcomes a grounded peace.
30-minute   70
60-minute  105
90-minute  135

30-minute   55

Swedish / Deep Tissue
5  60-minute   450 / 500
5  90-minute  600 / 650
10  60-minute  850 / 950
10  90-minute  1150 / 1250

Aromatherapy is complimentary and part of our skincare
and massage therapy.

Lomi Lomi Massage
Lomi Lomi, or “Loving Hands” massage is a beloved Hawaiian tradition that works the muscles with continuous, fluid and rhythmic strokes over the entire body. Combining soothing massage, deep tissue work and gentle stretches of the body and rotations of the joints, Lomi Lomi massage releases tensions and promotes a healthy flow of energy.
60-minute  95

Pre-Natal Massage
60-minute  110

Hot Stone Therapy
Heated pure Basalt lava stones melt tension and focus energies.  An extension of the therapist’s hand, these stones smooth away stress and enhance the benefits of the Swedish massage.  Placed on specific energy points of the back, in the palms of your hands or between your toes, these stones center your body’s energies, ground your soul and enhance your journey to awareness.
60-minute  110

Facelift Massage
The Bellanina Facelift Massage is an all-natural, holistic approach to obtaining and maintaining younger, smoother and healthier looking skin at any age.  Enjoy amazing results including a decrease in under-eye puffiness, firmer cheeks and jaw line, smoother neck, softened naso-labial fold lines, smoother and more even skin one and a youthful glow.
60-minute   85
80-minute   115 (includes hand and foot massage)
*series of 3 60-minute   229.5
*series of 5 60-minute   374


Stage 1  “ESSENCE”  2 ˝ hours
Our most basic package gives the foundation you need in your quest for balance.  It includes a one-hour massage and a facial.

Stage 2  “AWARENESS”  5 hours
The next step on your journey gives you the time you need to focus on your entire body, its energies and your mind’s role in reaching your full potential.  This package includes a one-hour massage, a facial, a professional mask treatment, a spa pedicure and a spa manicure.
(Light lunch available on request.)

Stage 3  “TRANSCENDENCE”  6 ˝ hours
This ultimate step is the complete care package that takes you beyond your body.  It includes a salt glow exfoliating treatment, a one-hour massage, a European facial, professional mask treatment, a spa pedicure and manicure, and a deep conditioning hair treatment with a blowdry style OR a personalized Rene Furterer scalp and hair treatment.  (Light lunch available on request.)