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Allison Vannoy, General Manager Joseph Michael’s Salon and Spa
1313 North Ritchie Court
Chicago, IL 60610
T. 312-482-9800


Joseph Michael’s Salon and Spa stylist publishes first novel, Mafia Hairdresser.

CHICAGO, IL January 18, 2011 – Jon-david, hairstylist and author, releases Mafia Hairdresser, his first in a series of three novels from “The Hairdresser Chronicles”.

It’s Southern California in the 1980’s and everyone is pauper-impaired and dressed for success to get rich quick.  Dynasty, Madonna, designer-everything, mobile phones and cocaine ushered in the Me Generation’s appetite for addictive living.  Mafia Hairdresser is a humorous fictional account, based on real events, of a young ambitious hairdresser who ends up moonlighting for a family who supply drugs to the Hollywood elite.  Fortunately, jon-david escaped his servitude to a mob couple, although he did have to resort to blackmail, drugs and a possible accidental manslaughter? to be able to write about it.  “Humor is good.  It coats the cognitive palate so that the serious and scary can be digested more easily.” says jon-david.  You can read the first chapter of Mafia Hairdresser on jon-david’s blogspot at http://mafiahairdresser.blogspot.com/2009/11/mafia-hairdresser-by-jon-david.html. 

Originally from L.A. and now in Chicago, Jon-david has been a stylist at Joseph Michael’s Salon and Spa for over 15 years.  He is an accomplished hairstylist, author and playwright (Success in Numbers).  The second novel in “The Hairdresser Chronicles”, The Glowstick God, a 90’s tale, will be available in 2012.  The third installment will cover social networking, credit card debt, stalkers and murder by iPhone apps (also a true story).

Order your Collector’s Copy of Mafia Hairdresser online now at www.MafIaHairdresser.com.  Mafia Hairdresser will be on sale exclusively at Joseph Michael’s Salon and Spa in March of 2011.  You can also find Mafia Hairdresser on facebook and on twitter at @MafiaHairdreser.  You can find Joseph Michael’s Salon and Spa at www.mychicagosalon.com, on facebook and on twitter at @mychicagosalon.  For more information, please contact Allison Vannoy at 312-482-9850 or allison@josephmichaels.net.